German Magazine dbna covers Stuttering!

dbna Magazine, based in Germany, wrote a lovely article about my music. I wrote Fabian, the editor, to share my thanks and he gave me some context about the magazine.

“(I) really liked your music and the video, so I featured it in dbna. dbna stands for “du bist nicht allein”, meaning “you are not alone”. dbna is the biggest German-speaking magazine and community for young gays and bisexuals. We like to present and support ambitious artists like you.”

To be featured in both Australia and Germany’s largest gay magazines in the past couple weeks is pretty mind-blowing. In addition, ‘Stuttering’ has been seen over 2,500 times after only being released 2 weeks ago today! It’s may not be breaking industry records, but it’s a number I’m proDBNAud of for only my second single as an independent artist.

If you understand German, feel free to read the dbna article here

If English is more your style, you can read the article (slightly roughly translated) here

Thanks everyone for the continued support. It means the world to me!

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